KASA: The Firm


The success of our work lies in our client patronage we have received over last decade. We aspire to keep resolving the most complex legal challenges of our clients by constantly challenging ourselves to bring innovative ways of thinking coupled with continuous most updated knowledge of respective laws. Over the last decade, we have extensively worked with clients from almost all conceivable backgrounds operating India and also advising international corporation entering Indian market. We have a distinctive way of thinking, working and behaving across borders, issues and practices.

We have successfully built a robust team of multi-disciplinary professionals who are not only experts on law but also have in-depth market knowledge & sectoral insights. We have developed the high-performance culture necessary to innovate & change the face of business. Our core commitment to assist our clients deliver their key business strategies has seen us build respectable national network now spanning 3 offices at Pune [headquarter], Delhi and Mumbai, with the leadership of 4 Partners and team of over 30 professionals.